October 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Greece , Athens – Responsibility claim by Cell of Proletarian Violence

In the early hours of Friday September 9th we torched a van of
multinational (of Finish interests) company KONE on Zinoviou street in
Ilioupoli, as well as in the early hours of September 20th we torched
one more van belonging to the same company on Filadelfias street in
Kesariani, which was completely destroyed.

The company in question is major in the sector of constructing and
maintaining elevators internationally, with annual profits of many
millions. Of course in the Greece of memorandums and constant
devaluation of labour, the policies of multinationals cannot but align
with the “laws of the market”, thus while KONE is gaining massive
profits, in this country it decreases workers wages by 15%, fires and
imposes a regime of labour terrorism. Such phenomenons have not remained
unanswered by the workers, who respond with 3hour work stoppages and
24hour strikes, creating small hearths of resistance in the labour
middle-ages we are all experiencing.

Also, in the early hours of Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 28th of
September, we completely torched a luxury jeep (bmw X3) on Polykarpou
street in Nea Smirni and a luxury car (porche cayman) on Naiadon street
in Palio Faliro respectively. Remembering for a bit the legendary club
of Καψεcayenistas (burn-a-cayen-ists).

It is a constant provocation when while workers are being fired,
pensions are reduced, people are living on the streets because of
auctioned homes, others can go around with (let alone possess) such
provocative symbols of private wealth. While others search the trash for
food, eat at soup kitchens or pass out from hunger, others project their
wealth so vulgarly. A wealth that is not a birthright, although that
happens often, but that was built with the exploitation and the blood of
our class. A wealth that bosses and executives of companies such as KONE
accumulate with their aggressive policies.

On one hand, in the conjuncture of the constant attack of the
imperialistic capital, its mechanisms (EU, ECB, IMF, NATO), the addicted
greek upper class and its slave political personnel, and on the other
the movements’ low tide and reshuffling, the duties of our class should
be redefined, so we can take battle positions and halt the attack we are
experiencing. Lets organize a political-military front capable to
respond to the modern problems of working people, as well as being a
source of inspiration for the fighters. A front that will prepare our
class for the final storming of the kingdom of freedom.

Our actions are dedicated with all our soul to communist revolutionary
Dimitris Koufodinas, and we demand the immediate granting of furlough to
him and fighter political prisoner Alexandros Giotopoulos.

Solidarity to our comrades, Kostas Sakkas, Marios Seisidis and Grigoris

Solidarity to anarchist revolutionary Pola Roupa, whose stubbornness and
insistence are an example for every fighter.


Cell of Proletarian Violence


October 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Greece – A few words concerning the responsibility claim for the execution of mafioso Habibi in June,Exarhia area in Athens

A few words concerning the responsibility claim for the execution of Habibi.
 Because much has already been said and even more will be said, one  more text full of praises or aphorisms would have nothing to add and offer.
This is why, because of the recent incidents, here will be written
only what is deemed necessary about the before, the now and the after
of a situation that does not only concern the square and the people
there but also all of us. Publicly and openly, without exposing or
slandering individuals and projects. And certainly not with great ease
or arrogance as is customary.
What goes on in the area of Exarhia (and not only) with dealing and mafias, has been common knowledge for years now. And indeed, something needed to start happening from the side of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian milieu about the issue, because we cannot close our eyes to such a corrupt and degrading situation. It is definitely an abjection and a lot has to change, and this can in no way happen painlessly and peacefully. Whatever disagreements on handling and individual or less individual attitudes, behaviour and mindsets concerning this issue, are not at all unimportant, but neither are they at the service of cannibalistic appetites in public forums of irresponsibility.
First of all, a probably evident admission: No one was saddened by
Habibi’s death. The charitable kind of sensitivities about a murder
and a lost human life are simply voices from the living room and
reformist dissonant voices, maybe even directed. (The who, how and why he was killed and where and if this leads anywhere, is clearly another parameter, that concerns internal discussions of a space or movement).
To put it politely: every Habibi will only be missed by their bosses,
namely the state and the mafias.
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October 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Spain – Updates on anarchist Claudio Lavazza

We receive and spread:
Hi everyone, a short briefing on anarchist comrade Claudio Lavazza’s situation (the comrade has been locked up in the Spanish State’s prisons since 1996). From the prison of Teixeiro, Claudio was transferred to that of Valdemoro (Madrid) from where, on his request, he will be taken to France for a trial concerning charges (particularly an attack on a branch of the Bank of France) pressed by the Paris’ courts. At the time Claudio got the maximum sentence for those charges (as established by the French Law in case of absence so as to avoid the offence going through the statute of limitations); so in the coming months a proper trial will be held and when it’s over Claudio will be taken back to Spain to serve the accumulated sentences there.
Waiting for an address where you can write to him in France, once again Claudio thanks all the compas and situations that have never failed to give him solidarity and revolutionary love for all these years!
Biblioteca Popolare Rebeldies

October 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Sardinia – Noises from confinement: words from anarchist comrade Michele

In the night between 20th and 21st April 2016, during a police ‘check’ on two people who had quietly made their way to a flowerbed for a piss in the desolating darkness of Lungarno Generale Dalla Chiesa in Rovezzano (Florence), a group of people determined not to submit any longer to the state’s hangmen’s control, challenged the latter and somehow they manage to avoid their friends and comrades being taken away. Shortly afterwards (with incredible celerity), a dozen vehicles of carabinieri, police and municipal guards (and the Digos, of course, never missing in these cases) turn up outside the venue where the group of comrades are enjoying a concert. As is their custom, they hurl themselves outside the vehicles, truncheons already in their hands, and fling themselves on the first people they bump into (their pride obviously hurt by the failed arrested of the two anonymous pissing ones). What they probably don’t expect is the fact they find themselves in front of people determined to resist the umpteenth cops’ operation, ready to do anything to oppose the state’s watchdogs’ prevarication. Clashes obviously follow, Michele is pinned to the floor and handcuffed, and then taken into a police car. The result is 14 injured cops and 3 arrested anarchist comrades:
Michele and soon after Alessio and Francesca,
who were there to watch that spectacle of ordinary repression. The charges: aggravated resistance, bodily harm to public officials, insult and aggravated damage.

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October 25, 2016
by actforfreedom

Eco-anarchist Marco Camenisch – Updates

September 2016: ‘Descent’ update
As said in the update of 26/06/2016, ‘outside work’ due to last six months began in the area of Zurich on 1st September.
My new address is: mc, c/o Kasama, Militärstrasse 87/A, CH-8004 Zürich
In order to protect my (in-building…) private sphere and that of the social-political milieu closer to me, I won’t be publishing information on my new field of life, for example where I stay, home, workplace, etc., which by now shouldn’t even be of any ‘public interest’. Obviously this doesn’t apply to the compas closer to me and it’s also obvious that I’ll keep on giving information on the trajectory of my ‘liberation’ (and in particular on possible ‘setbacks’…)

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October 24, 2016
by actforfreedom

Hourriya: internationalist anarchist pamphlets

Hourriya, internationalist anarchist pamphlets
“Hourriya” is a new international editing project wanting to participate in deepening anarchist ideas by publishing a series of small pamphlets. The different contributions contains experiences like the one lived in Syria by comrades from Aleppo, as well as precise questions such as the one of the informal organisation, the “unforseen” or the science of domination, as well as historical topics. The “internationalist anarchist pamphlets” will consist of texts published elsewhere as well as texts written for the occasion, including unedited forewords (and afterwords according to the contexts).
The pamphlets will only be available on paper and for the price of 2 euros, they will be published several times a year and in different language (French, English and German). One can go to the website for ordering copies or get some more information.
The first pamphlet is called “Revolutionary echoes from Syria. Conversations with two anarchists from Aleppo”. It contains 124 pages and came out in English:hourriya1eng
“The discussion below reflects an overview of the conditions experienced by individuals who are trying to liberate themselves from the system of social hypocrisy and the mentality of subordination. Our experience is still fragile, a newborn.
During the revolution and even now the difficulty lies in our inability to observe clearly the inherent authoritarian power within the society and the state. Consequently this prevented -and still prevents- us from stripping the layers they hide behind and fighting them raw and bare.”

The second phourriya2engamphlet, “Affinity and informal organisation” (90 pages), just came out in English:
“If the question is no longer how to organize the people for the struggle, we should talk about how to organize the struggle. We think that archipelagos of affinity groups, independent one from the other, which are able to associate themselves according to shared perspectives and concrete projects of struggle, are the best way to pass directly to the offensive. This concept offers the greatest autonomy and the largest field of action possible. In the range of insurrectional projects, it is necessary and possible to find ways of informally organizing ourselves which would allow the encounter between anarchists and other rebels, forms of organization which are not destined to perpetuate themselves, but are aimed at a specific and insurrectional goal.”.

October 24, 2016
by actforfreedom

Séditions n°8 – Septembre 2016


Charity, the perfect alibi for the expulsion machine

The wars and shitty conditions inflicted by capital and the state drive thousands of people towards exile. Many of them flee religious and state persecution towards European countries, in hopes of being granted asylum or refugee status. For the authorities, the main issue is to get them on file (notably via a genetic database put in place by the EURODAC regulations, which form part of the Dublin II law), to keep them under control, to park them until they can be sent back. Those with degrees can “win” the right to stay, since they are directly exploitable by the economy. But hell awaits the the vast majority of those who manage to set foot alive on the national territory – in other words a “life” of permanent anxiety and fear of being arrested by the police, of ending up locked in CRAs (French detention centres) only to be expelled back to their country of origin (or to the first European country they arrived in, according to the Dublin III rules).

To file, sort, detain and expel undocumented migrants, the state relies on many charities, who in exchange are generously showered with subsidies. The most notorious are: the Red Cross which currently shoulders the police at the border between Menton and Ventimiglia in order to send migrants who seek to enter France back to the CIEs (Italian detention centres), which it runs ; Emmaüs, abbot Pierre’s association, which sorts undocumented migrants in Paris so as to facilitate the police’s job, and runs reception centres ; the Order of Malta and France Terre d’Asile (“France Land of Asylum”), which run practically all of the detention centres in France ; the CIMADE, which supposedly intervenes in the CRA to guarantee refugees’ rights but in fact seeks to make their interment “more humane”, in other words more acceptable. They play the ideal role needed by the state: that of social pacification. But the large charities (the most well-known ones) which manage the lions’ share of the market of misery are far from the only ones to intervene. We already recalled (in the 6th issue of the paper) the role of La Vie Active (“Active Life”) in Calais, where the organisation was granted management of the high-security mega-detention camp.

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October 24, 2016
by actforfreedom

Italy – Animal Liberation: let’s put veganism aside and relaunch the struggle

We receive and spread:
We are not writing this piece to start a debate within the antispecist movement (which is dead and buried under the weight of its chatter, self-proclaimed spokespersons and philosophic rhetoric) but to highlight the fact that there are individualities in the movement for animal liberation who are driven by a revolutionary tension, which they want to turn against animal exploitation.
Let’s leave veganism aside [1] and relaunch the struggle  
Although veganism can be seen as the rejection of the methodical suffering and exploitation of animals, therefore a way not to be accomplices of those who systematically massacre them, we think it is just a first step towards what we consider a trajectory for the liberation of animals and from all forms of domination. Over and over again we see a tendency that passes off veganism as a means for Animal Liberation but which only concerns the symbolic and social power of meat and animal products. No one can seriously believe that their diet has dealt a fatal blow to the animal exploitation industry; as a matter of fact veganism acts against the collective imaginary.
To be vegan (however ethical) and think that in this way one can end animal exploitation and even LIBERATE other animals is misleading and dangerous because it is an attempt to pacify resistance.
It is the same as believing that abstaining from voting can subvert the system. If we don’t vote it is because we have decided not to delegate our choices and lives to anyone. If we don’t vote it is because we reject this system. But to believe that simply not voting can move the scales in our favour would be naïve.
Instead of lighting new sparks they blow out the feeble flame of revolutionary action for animal liberation, extinguishing it by proposing veganism as a political act of opposition. While it is an act of awareness and consistency with one’s own conscience intended as perception of the surrounding reality, which some consider political because they have decided to analyse the relations of power in society, it is not a gesture of revolt. It is the rejection of a practice of exploitation, not actual resistance, which inevitably affects the range of food choices and for this reason can be absorbed by the capitalist system. The only way out of this impasse is to create irrecoverable conflict, which can only be achieved if the analysis of the dynamics of dominion towards a certain kind of exploitation can lead to the identification of not only the structures but also the roles that build and maintain their (economic and social) power on exploitation, and by striking the capitalist mechanism that produces the destruction of animals. [2]

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October 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Let us destroy the prison system – inside or outside – until all are free!

193841-e1476869488732Deutsch – Yesterday a banner was dropped on a house at Hermannplatz in Berlin: „Let us destroy the prisonsystem – inside or outside – until all are free!“. 1000 Flyers were spread at Hermannplatz and the Metro-entrances.


On the flyers was written:
The rebellious prisoners need our solidarity. In a call of US-prisoners we can read: „If we fight against the power, they will fight back and the only protection we have, is the solidarity from outside.“
Against the prison – slavery! Solidarity with the resistance of the imprisoned in the USA and everywhere!
Freedom for the imprisoned people who where arrested, because of bankrobberys in Aachen.
Every act of expropriation of the rich and the banks is desirable.
Solidarity with the people from switzerland who are hit by repression! Blamed for crippling of the metropolis traffic and angry demonstrations through the city of the rich.
No security for the rich and the rulers, until all are free.
Freedom for Aaron and Balu! Caught because they shall have demonstrated for a solidarity life, against the destruction of the neighbourhood and the policestate.
Peace to the hovels, war to the palaces – against all institutions and prisons!
School – Clinic – Prison – Factory
Disciplined at school, brainwashed at university, exploited at the job, broken in the prison – against the prisonsociety!
Hello neighbour! In the prison of Plötzensee in Berlin in Germany nearly every third prisoner is imprisoned because of fare-dodge.
Prisons to empty sits!
Burn all prisons – until all are free!
Freedom for all!
Do you still believe in law and order? It works also without!
For a society without prisons!
Our passion for freedom is stronger than every authority!

October 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Court case dates for anarchist comrade from Amsterdam facing charges in connection to a bank robbery which took place in 2013

[update] Court case dates for Amsterdam comrade
The comrade facing charges in connection to a bank robbery which took place in 2013, will appear in court for the beginning of the trial on the 4th of November.
The trial will take place in an estimated 9 sessions, over a 5 week period.
The other dates:
4/11, 17/11,  21/11,  22/11,  1/12,  5/12,  8/12,  13/12
We will be in the court to support our comrade and on the streets to spread solidarity.

October 20, 2016
by actforfreedom

Udine, Italy – Anarchist comrade sentenced for robbery and bodily harm against public official

In the last days an anarchist comrade from Udine, who’s serving an eight-month sentence (until February 2017) under house arrest in Trieste, was sentenced peremptorily and without possibility of bail to 1 year and 4 moths for robbery and to 5 months for breach of an expulsion order from Udine.  Updates and info on the modalities he’s to serve the sentences will follow. candele3
We take the chance to send greetings to the comrades arrested and investigated following operation “Scripta Manent” and to the three comrades (whose compulsory residence order has been prolonged to another 6 months) who will face trial on 10th October in Florence following scuffles with the cops at a concert some months ago, a fact whose response was a molotov attack on the carabinieri barracks. Solidarity greetings to anyone who resists in the struggle against dominion.
Anarchists from Udine

October 18, 2016
by actforfreedom

Haren, belgium: solidairity arson attack of a cellphone tower

28/9 Haren
A cellphone antenna (Mobistar, Proximus, Base) was set ablaze.
Solidarity with the anarchists imprisoned for the Aachen case
Freedom for all
found on

October 18, 2016
by actforfreedom

Germany Bremen: small greeting of solidarity with the anarchists in Aachen charged with bankrobbery

As a gesture of solidarity some words were spray painted in a visible place in Bremen. Freedom and strength the accused!img_9539-300x254(Solidarity with the anarchists in Aachen charged with bankrobbery)

October 18, 2016
by actforfreedom

Germany,Koln: greetings in front of the prison solidarity with the anarchist accused of bank robbery in Aachen Germany

Koln: greetings in front of the prison


On Saturday 01.10.2016 there was a gathering in front of Cologne-Ossendorf prison to greet the prisoners behind the walls. Fireworks were set off and our voices expressed our hate against prison and the state.
Freedom for all prisoners.
Let’s fight until all the prisons are torn down.
For anarchy.

October 18, 2016
by actforfreedom

19-11-2016 Demonstration: Fight Repression! Stop repression against anti-fascists and anarchists! – The Hague, The Netherlands


On Saturday November 19th, there will be a demonstration in The Hague, The Netherlands, against the wave of repression that Hague anti-fascists and anarchists have been facing in the last year. One who attacks one of us, attacks all of us. Solidarity through struggle!
Within the last year, repression against anti-fascists and anarchists has greatly increased, with The Hague in the middle of it. An area ban for anarchists was issued for the Schilderswijk, in an attempt to break the struggle against the racist, violent, and murderous police. After that that, another area ban was issued, this time against anti-fascists who have been resisting against the extreme right wing Pegida demonstrations. Damage claims of 50,000 euro were demanded from several anarchists who resisted against the eviction of social center De Vloek, which had been squatted for 13 years. The mayor also tried to shutter the local Autonomous Center. Furthermore, subsequent demonstrations were forbidden, people were intimidated by the police at home and on the street, numerous preventative arrests were made, and attempts were made to recruit informants.
But these are not just attacks against individual anarchists and anti-fascists. This is an attack against all who fight against racism, this is an attack against all who stand for a world without exploitation and discrimination, this is an attack on all of us. And this attack cannot go unanswered! This is a call for solidarity, because solidarity is our weapon against the isolation being forced on us by the police and the mayor. We must defend our autonomous spaces and structures!
Come to The Hague on November 19th. Because the chains of the state dripping with racism and oppression must be broken! Because one who doesn’t fight has already lost.
Fight repression!

October 18, 2016
by actforfreedom

A statement of anarchist Lukáš Borl captured and imprisoned – Czech Republic

Receive on 17.10.16
Statement to my arrest
On Sunday, September 4th, 2016, I was arrested by the police in Most and then taken to the remand prison in Litomerice. Unfortunately it happened what I did not want to, but knew all along that this may occur at any time. Fortunately, I have mentally prepared myself for such situation so it allows me to deal calmly with this kind of unpleasant reality, which I’m and apparently people close to me are exposed to now.
I was captured by those who defend the rule of capital over our lives. Nevertheless, that doesn’t change anything on my will to continue along the path that I have chosen. I will continue to destroy and create. To fight and love. I remain an anarchist with everything that belongs to it. I decided for now to write a few paragraphs about my imprisonment. Surely I will soon express my opinion about other issues that I consider important.
Before the arrest
It’s no secret that at a certain moment I decided to “disappear”, in worry that the police was planning my arrest. I have expressed my reasons in the text “Disappearance of supervision of state power”, which  is published various sites of the anarchist movement. The choice I made, allowed me to live hidden and quite happily for months. I freely moved and ate a good food. Whole world became home for me, and I was able to find havens for cultural and social existence in it. Because of emotional and material support I had enough energy to keep fighting for emancipation. I knew about the risks associated with it, but I have never thought about to finish with that and I do not think of it even now. To break free from dictatorship of the state and capitalism is an enough attractive aim, that it is impossible to turn away my attention from it. Even the fact that the power is threatening me with finger, baton or prison… Being an anarchist means to me to understand such threats as an inevitable consequence of my expressed desire for freedom. It is connected with daily rebel life. Fact that I can not avoided, but I can defy it. What I do and I will keep doing.
The circumstances of my arrest
Police arrested me in Most, a small city where I was born and lived for a long time. I have part of my family and many friends there. In Most with some people we run a community center “Ateneo” and organized a long series of events associated with the anarchist movement. In short, in this city I’m quite known person, both to the population and the police and bureaucrats.
For some people it will be a manifestation of “stupidity” that I had decided to come into the city, where in the same time I was the subject of a European arrest warrant. Even if my closest people would think so, I will not blame them. Because they look at the matter from a different position than I do. So I do understand that some people don’t find a comprehension for the thoughts and actions of a person who is in the underground for longer time. The life of person on the run is connected with the separation from the people who he/she loves and whom previously had been in close and frequent contact with. It’s one of the hardest thing, that a person in such a situation has to deal with. Fundraising, food, shelter or providing security in contrast, are relatively easy tasks. There are two ways how to deal with such separation. Either accept it passively, which also means expose yourself to the suffering and unending frustration. Or try to overcome the separation with occasional contacts, which of course greatly increases the risk of getting caught by the police. I “instinctively” chose the second option. I knew what I was risking and what I could lose. But, I also knew, that in isolation I can lose something, what is very important to me – contacts with people I care about and who care about me. That’s why I decided to come to Most, knowing the risks. Continue Reading →

October 15, 2016
by actforfreedom

Anarchists Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito continue their hunger strike – Italy

From CNA 15 October
We learn that anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito – today on his 12th day
of hunger strike – has lost 13 kg.
He is continuing his hunger strike…
Strength to you comrade!

October 15, 2016
by actforfreedom

Prison of Latina, letter from anarchist Anna Beniamino – Italy

Today – Monday 10th October – I decided to start a hunger strike against
the isolation that I am being subjected to along with other comrades who
are part of this investigation, from the moment of our arrest on 6th
September. This isolation has remain unchanged, despite comrades having
been transferred to different AS2 sections and the custodial
interrogations that have taken place. In solidarity with Alfredo Cospito
who is on hunger strike since 3rd October and is being held in isolation
in the AS2 section of Ferrara prison.
I knowingly use the hunger strike as an instrument that expresses a
minimal sign of reaction to barbarities that are rooted in captivity and
As always, I keep anarchism in my heart and mind, hold love and respect
for all the untamable comrades outside and inside prison, have rage in
my teeth and a smile on my lips.
From CNA 15th October

October 15, 2016
by actforfreedom

‘Pub Quiz #5 – We are all on a no-fly list, are you?’ – Anarcho-nihilist flyposter zine by anti-social hooligans in Bristol (Dark Matter Publications)


(79mb) PDF: ‘Pub Quiz #5 – We are all on a no-fly list, are you?’ – Anarcho-nihilist flyposter zine by anti-social hooligans
As part of Dark Matter Publications and in line with the nihilist ethos of the project we present this latest zine by some anti-social hooligans in Bristol. It’s made up of cut-n-paste flyposters that have been spread around the city and the originals are collected here for the first time. These are not professional posters of the official movement, but dirty DIY amateur efforts about topics as diverse as police repression, eco-action, surveillance and consumerism. This is what happens when fevered twisted minds get hold of stationary and scissors. Being mainly flyposters, the zine contains pretty much no prolonged verbal diarrhea, long-winded sectarian tripe or boring pontifications posing as critical theory or whatever.
Anti-social hooligans

October 15, 2016
by actforfreedom

Genoa, Italy – Tattoo Circus in support to the Croce Nera Anarchica fund and in solidarity with those arrested following operation ‘Scripta Manent’

 A Tattoo Circus event will take place on 22nd and 23rd October in Genoa, in support to the comrades arrested following operation ‘Scripta Manent’ and to the Croce Nera Anarchica Fund. All info on the initiative can be found on the ‘Il Mainasso’ blog from 10:00 on Saturday.

Poster reads:locandina-tattoo-circus-colori2-1431x2024


Tattoo Circus
22/23 October 2016
Two days of tattoos, music, food
Saturday 22nd October from 10 to midnight
DJ set plus concert
RUV: Funky/Rock
Sunday 23rd October from 10 to midnight
DJ set plus concert
In support to CNA solidarity fund
In solidarity with those arrested following operation ‘Scripta Manent’
Infoline: 0039 351 09 48 347
All info will be available on from 10 on Saturday 22nd October
04/10/2016 RadioAzione
Translated by act for freedom now!