December 13, 2018
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Anathema A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical: Volume 4 Issue 11 – December 2018

Volume 4 Issue 11
Volume 4 Issue 11 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)
Volume 4 Issue 11 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)
In this issue:
  • Cash Bail
  • Yellow Vests From Afar
  • Brosnan Security In Chico
  • Welcome To The Future
  • Revolutionary Letter #18
  • On Splitting
  • N17 Report
  • Black December
  • Phones & Security Culture
  • anathema.noblogs.

December 12, 2018
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Italy: anarchist comrade Pierloreto Fallanca (Paska) ends hunger strike

News from Paska, he ended the hunger strike last week [24/11/2018], without obtaining a transfer.
It is not yet known if he will be given 14bis as pre-announced.
The 13 December hearing will be cancelled, it seems, due to the judge being ill.
New updates soon!

December 12, 2018
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Italy : Updates on the ‘Scripta Manent’ trial

At the hearing on 14th November a calendar of future hearings was once again announced after the expert appointed by the court to transcribe phone tapping asked for more time, obtained a 60-day extension and a second expert was also appointed. 
The prosecutor made it known that the judicial police had forgotten to deliver a CD audio and asked for an extension of the custody measures, but for the moment a calendar was set out complying with the length of custody… which is due to expire at the end of February (taking account of the 30/35 hearings till now, from mid-January the deadline slides to 18th February, plus some more days considering the hearings due in January). During the hearing of 14th, a DNA expert appointed by the court following Capra (DNA expert for the defence)’s report, gave his statement; the expert for the defence had challenged the reliability of the old report in several points.

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December 12, 2018
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Genoa, Italy – Genova Est motorway: communique on the action against Autostrade [national motorway network]

There is specific responsibility for the collapse of the Morandi bridge: the entire political, managerial and boss class which since the aftermath of the second world war has been alternating in the devastating planning and industrial development in the city of Genoa.
Capital, profits, economic empires have been built on the backs of the inhabitants and workers.
On Saturday 24th November we opened the toll booth of Genova Est, and allowed the cars to get out for free.
A direct gesture, small in the face of the murderous responsibilities of Autostrade and of the State.
It is possible to stop suffering passively.
Self-organizing and struggle.
We won’t pay any more.
Translated by act for freedom now!

December 12, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Cremona, Italy : Pen in uniform

Journalist: a person without any ideas but with an ability to express them.
Karl Kraus
For a while around here, any time the emblematic spectre of the Kavarna ends up under the spotlight of public opinion through the local press, it is associated with a web of political and interpersonal relations that make a place, the self-managed barn located in Cascinetto, appear like an organization with clear identity features, even with a leader at its helm!
Should there be any need to repeat it, Kavarna is not a political organization, but a physical place around which different individualities and projectualities intertwine, whose only common denominator is the refusal of authority and hierarchies. Needless to say, this experimentation of an anarchist character can’t coincide with the picture that journalists, who don’t interest themselves in the object of their articles, would like to give to this place and the people who frequent it in various ways. We also find it superfluous to reflect on the deontology of journalism while the latter has become the police’s public mirror; it would be more interesting to ask why some journalists continue to be perceived differently to the way that the cops are.
What we want to note is how the image of a hierarchically structured political organization is functional to a repressive attack which finds its battlefield in juridical language: transforming free relations of solidarity into a hierarchical structure with its share of leaders and led has been a deterrent that in recent years has allowed the police in various cities to have their revenge against those who promote certain social conflicts and defend certain forms of action. To invent roles and hierarchies ad hoc has become one of the favourite hobbies of repression, where the cop, the judge and the journalist become the actors under one single direction, built on the penal code of mafia-style crimes of association and thrown against those it considers undesirables, regardless of the relations and affections of these pains in the ass.

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December 12, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Berlin : Attacks on Google and gentrification

On Thursday 1/11/2018 we did some work using angry hammers on the door of a Google office under construction in Tucholskystraße, Berlin.
Even if a Google campus is not to be set up in Kreuzberg for the time being, Google remains an engine of our alienated daily life and an instrument of authority. To attack Google, control and dominion, be it with graffiti, solidarity, hacking or hammers, is necessary in order to breath with self-determination.
The essence is in the liberating decision to act in person.
On Saturday night of 03/11, an evil spirit took the initiative to damage an ex neighbourhood shop in Friedelstraße 54. The poltergeist destroyed the walls, the windows, the pipes and the floors. Of course with every regard for those who live in the house.
As Halloween is over, one can foresee that the building will remain doomed for the whole year. Little is known about spirits, except that they seek company, usually remain alone and let themselves be cast out most unwillingly. This should be clear to businesses and possible tenants as they decide to rent the haunted place in Friedelstraße 54.

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December 12, 2018
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on CHILE : Reivindicación de ataque explosivo a BancoEstado y Copesa en Las Condes, Santiago

CHILE : Reivindicación de ataque explosivo a BancoEstado y Copesa en Las Condes, Santiago

El pequeño sabotaje que realizamos la madrugada del Martes 11 de Diciembre
tiene su origen en una persona: SebastiánOversluijSeguel, el Angry como
cariñosamente le decíamos nosotrxsen nuestra intimidad subversiva, fue un
compañero insurreccionalista y miembro activo de esta organización.

El Angry aporto en innumerables proyecto revolucionarios, levantando
instancias de discusión, bibliotecas barriales (donde el conocimiento se
puso a disposición de cualquier persona interesada), opto por una dieta
vegana (libre de tortura animal), apoyo tokatasdonde se reunían fondos en
solidaridad con lxspresxs políticxs y lxsperseguidxs, propago ideas
libertarias y antiespecistas en muchísimos lugares por donde anduvo.
Colaboro en jornadas de agitación, repartiendo propaganda, armando
barricadas, pegando afiches, asistiendo a marchas, levantando huertos,
creando canciones, pintando, dibujando, y, por supuesto, saboteando el
normal funcionamiento de una que otrainstitución represiva. Ese era
nuestro hermano.

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December 12, 2018
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Russia: Network Case Suspects Go on Hunger Strike

Network Case Suspects Go on Hunger Strike
OVD Info
December 2, 2018
Dmitry Pchelintsev and Andrei Chernov, residents of Penza and suspects in the so-called Network case, have gone on hunger strike, claiming remand prison officials and FSB officers have intimidated them during their review of their criminal case file, something to which they are entitled by Russian law. Several Penza suspects in the case have claimed they have been put in solitary confinement, handcuffed to radiators, and threatened with violence.
Pchelintsev and Chernov went on hunger strike on November 29, as reported by the Parents Network, a support group established by the mothers and fathers of the young men, who have been accused of involvement in a “terrorist community” that, allegedly, was planning an armed uprising during the March 2018 presidential election and 2018 FIFA World Cup, held in Russia this past summer.
It was on November 29 that wardens put Pchelintsev in solitary, demanding he admit to breaking the rules by talking with other inmates during yard time. He responded by going on hunger strike, and Chernov joined him as a token of support and solidarity. On November 30, wardens again tried to bargain with Pchelintsev and threaten him.
The Parents Network notes that the pressure on their sons has increased now that the suspects are officially reviewing the case file.
Lawyer Anatoly Vakhterov told the group that Network case suspect Ilya Shakursky had been been visited by Penza Remand Prison Warden Oleg Iskhanov, who asked him how quickly he was reviewing the file. On November 20, immediately after the incident, Shakursky was reprimanded for greeting other inmates during yard time. The alleged violation was written up, and the same day Shakursky was issued a special uniform for his upcoming stint in solitary confinement. He managed to avoid going there by filing a complaint with Penza Regional Prosecutor Natalya Kantserova.
Earlier, Maxim Ivankin spent five days in solitary. This was proceeded by a visit from Warden Iskhanov, who likewise asked Ivankin how quickly he was reviewing the case file.
As the defense lawyers explained to the Parents Network, the suspects had been reviewing the case file not only at the remand prison but also at the local FSB office. Under Russian law, suspects may review case files for up to eight hours a day. Allegedly, the Network suspects were handcuffed to radiators and stairway railings the entire time. Vasily Kuksov and Arman Sagynbayev were handcuffed to each other. As the Parents Network has noted, the suspects not only experienced physical discomfort but were also unable to examine the case file freely and take notes.

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December 11, 2018
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On the 6th of December 2008, the cop, Epaminondas Korkoneas with his collaborator Vasilis Saraliotis, confronted with young people in the Mesologiou pedestrian street in the district of Exarcheia. Korkoneas moves away and returns by opening fire against Alexis Grigoropoulos.
Alexis was murdered by the cop’s bullet at the age of 15.
Right after this incident, significant revolts were erupted all over Greece, which were recognized as the first reaction against the global capitalist crisis and as a picture from the future.
Today, 10 years later, the reasons which led to this revolt, not only did not cease to exist but they have also multiplied.
On the other hand, the repression, the anti-seizure strategy ofauthority and the attack from the state and capital, against theexploited and oppressed people, have also been multiplied.
The state and capital, rally and unleash a fierce attack by all thepower which possess; propaganda, arrests, repression towards the students and the uprising people.
In the memory of our deads.

December 11, 2018
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Over a night in December acts of vandalism were carried out in Dublin against banks and ATM’s. 3 banks had locks glued up, 2 banks had message of “Homes for all” sprayed across windows, and 3 ATM’s were glued up. These acts were carried out in conjunction with struggle for housing being waged across Ireland.
Dublin: Acts of Vandalism
These acts were but small acts of defiance and revolt against this prison society, to subvert the capitalist spectacle, if even only for a few hours. Actions like these expose the vulnerable spots of capitalism.
Reforms wont bring liberation, the state will never grant freedom. Reforms might make this prison society a little bit more nicer, but a prison is still a prison. The delusions and cowardice of the left has clearly failed. It’s parties and unions betray and sell out every time.

December 8, 2018
by actforfreedom
Comments Off on Turin, Italy : Two comrades of Cassa AntiRep on trial

Turin, Italy : Two comrades of Cassa AntiRep on trial

On Monday 19th November a trial took place at Turin court
against two comrades of the Cassa AntiRep delle Alpi
Occidentali [Anti-repression Fund of the Western Alps] following
a furious confrontation with plain clothes carabinieri in
December 2017.
The trial ended with an 8-month sentence for the two comrades
for resistance and damage, but the custody measures inflicted
on them since 21st March were annulled.
Here follows the declaration read in court by the defendants.
Against uniforms, prisons, measures and restrictions!
As we are here in court today and have decided to take part in
the trial with our declaration, we are not doing so in order to go
through the technical terms of the specific events for which we
are on trial: we know very well that in a reconstruction by
members of the forces of order, with no witnesses – however
patchy, adulterated and contradictory this might be – our
version of things would not be worth much.
Rather we are taking the chance to not avail by our silence to
recourse to custody measures with objectively repressive and
punitive functions, recourse which has been increasingly
consolidated as normal routine, especially by the Prosecutors of
this city, but not only.

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December 8, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Madrid, Spain : Attacks on estate agencies and banks

With some delay we are making it known that on 17th October an attack was carried out on an estate agency in the Carabanchel neighbourhood; windows were smashed with hammers and “war on capitalist speculation” was written on the wall. Many Madrid neighbourhoods are currently being threatened by various speculation processes in the context of the state and capital’s project of constant transformation of the city as an essential element of the world of exploitation and misery. The result of the project is that the exploited who live in these neighbourhoods are having more big multinationals inflicted on them, the invasion of lobbies, police control, rent increases and the constant persecution of occupied places: estate agencies play a principle role in this process, so it is important to identify them as enemies. The ways of attack are many and diversified.
Solidarity with CSOA [anarchist occupied social centre] La Gatonera, CSO [occupied social centre] Ca La Trava… and with all the occupied social centres that resist and attack!
Solidarity with the comrades struck on 29th October in Madrid, the comrades hit by repression following the revolt against the G20 in Hamburg, Lisa and the comrades struck by the State in Russia, Argentina, Italy (Scripta Manent, Operation Panico…) and in other parts of the world!
Between 8th and 12th November more than 20 cash machines were destroyed with hammers in the neighbourhood of Carabanchel, in solidarity with two young anarchists arrested in Madrid.
Translated by act for freedom now!

December 7, 2018
by actforfreedom
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Lecce, Italy : A touch of colour

Finally a touch of colour came to cheer the struggle against the TAP, to tear it away from the squalor in which it seemed to have been irretrievably stuck for a long time. A squalor of stamp duties, elections, complaints, denunciations and boundless trust in the judiciary, as the latter seems, after the 5-star politicians’ ‘betrayal’, to be the only hope most opponents of TAP have to block the works.
We don’t know whether the eggs filled with liquid that hit the Lecce premises of the 5-star Movement were thrown because the latter were in fact considered traitors, and after all it is quite an insignificant occurrence; but the interesting thing is something different. What is important is that someone began to see Grillo’s movement exactly for what it is: a political party like all the others, capable of lying and repressing just like any other party when it happens to be in power.
Indeed those eggs should have come a long time ago. They should have already hit Grillo’s followers when they took part in demos, carried banners and discussed amicably with NO TAP members who now feel they have been betrayed and who, unlike some 5-star members, didn’t make amends for their misplaced trust and didn’t admit that in the end the parliamentarians who ‘betrayed’ them were precisely what they deserved.
The few coloured eggs that came today can be considered a sort of democratic equality, considering, as someone noted, that so far only the PD premises had been targeted. An equal condition which should transmit an all too banal message, that is to say parties and politicians are all the same, and we should never trust them in order to get something.
Should we wait for the judiciary to establish that there is nothing illegal [with TAP] and give the go ahead for the continuation of the works before the next eggs strike it and its men, or for once will we be able to anticipate the times without waiting or complaining about yet another ‘betrayal’?
Translated by act for freedom now!

December 7, 2018
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Comments Off on Brazil : “WHO KILLED INDIO?” – A response to the anarchist call for a Black December.

Brazil : “WHO KILLED INDIO?” – A response to the anarchist call for a Black December.

Luiz Carlos ruas presente, the only death is oblivion.
Luiz Carlos Ruas, aka Indio, was murdered by neonazis after defending
two trans people from agression in a central subway station in São Paulo
city. He died after defending freedom meanwhile security guards and
citzens were conniving. He will alwways be remembered in the offensive
against all passivity and authority!”
How’s that, “who killed him”? If the murderes’ names and faces are
already known… It did not take so long untill the butchery media turned
this event into spectacle. There was an exposure not only of who
assaulted him untill his last breath but also of his family, of the
trans people he defended, his life history and a lot of information
applied just to create a huge smokescreen. Up this disgusting situation,
two years after his death, it becomes indispensable to tell this event
from beneath the claws of domination.
On a nothing peaceful Christmas night, two neonazis chased transsexuals
inside the “Pedro II” subway station (name given from brazil’s colony
last king) with the intention of doing exactly the same as they did with
Indio. Which only demonstrates the persistent hunt against those who
free their desires and wills and stands against the imposed normality.
However, in a convinced denial of passivity, the 54-year-old street
vendor has firmly decided to defend them. This attitude costed him his

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December 6, 2018
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Comments Off on Greece, Athens: Responsibility claim for hit-n-run attacks in Ilisia and Kolonaki

Greece, Athens: Responsibility claim for hit-n-run attacks in Ilisia and Kolonaki

At the point that you realize that the “scum”, the suicidals and the killed ones of this world are the most alive, the most lively viberating figures of it, that’s also the point that you realize its construct of values and its structural violence. We ‘ve been destructed many times by the coldness in the eyes of the people around, we ‘ve been destroyed slowly and brutally while experiencing the everyday death. From the dead time of wage labour, the sucking of every livelyhood from the automization of production, the freezing passionless gazes towards pain, from the miserable survival, the screaming encountering of the unknown in the mirror, to our transformation into information quantums for modern biotechnology, to the psychological depression and the sadness that totally locks the windows of pleasure, of playing, of genuine social interraction. A whole authoritarian complex is created, reproducing death, reproducing the authority of economy, of the state, the patriarchy, the nation, reproducing the values of submission, of self-enclosure, of social elevation, of producing normativities and stigmas.
During the early hours of Tuesday 6th of November, we attacked by hit-n-run the Tahidromiko Tamieftirio of Eurobank, in Afxentiou street in Ilisia, destroying the cameras, breaking all of the windows and the ATM.

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December 6, 2018
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Comments Off on Greece, Athens : EN/GR/Claim for the action of 4/12 against the cops in Athens near in exarchia area by some Anarchists.

Greece, Athens : EN/GR/Claim for the action of 4/12 against the cops in Athens near in exarchia area by some Anarchists.

Actforfree received :
On the evening of 4th December, we made our attack upon the police
border control of Exarchia on Voulgaroktonou street. We came with sticks
and flaming bottles, and when they saw us they immediately started to
panic and run shouting for help. We struck fear into their hearts and
sticks onto their heads, fire engulfed at least two policeman and at
least one patrol car was burned. We hunted them and made sure it was a
night to remember. We also stole some of their equipment (clubs,
shields, helmets). When we left, the street had changed its character,
transformed from a quiet suburban street with a police checkpoint to a
battleground, a site of victory. They also bleed, and we can make them.
The same night, the state and its mouths reported that there had been a
mild and usual attack with no injuries and damages. They hid the action
instead of publicizing it for repression propaganda because our action
was a success and an example. When we beat them and we win, they have to
try their best to hide this as an impossibility, that they are composed
of people, that they have weaknesses. They also hide our action because
of the anniversary of the assassination of Alexis, as a way of dampening
our momentum and isolating our action. If they can’t change the reality
of our victory they attempt to change what is spoken. They may believe
that they can avoid the fall of their world by silence, but this is an
expression of their collapse. We are here to engrave their tombstone.
The government also accused us of being mafia. This is part of SYRIZA’s
program of continuously criminalizing insurrection as an attempt to
isolate and mystify our direct response to state and economic warfare.
This is also seen inside the movement, by those who collaborate with the
state, put rioting on the outside, and call us self-indulgent hooligans.

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December 5, 2018
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Comments Off on Avis de tempêtes – Issue 11

Avis de tempêtes – Issue 11
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
“A comrade is dead. The anarchist Mikhail Zhlobitsky. But he wasn’t mown down by the henchmen of power; he died doing what he had decided to do. He died in action avenging prisoners, the tortured, the forgotten. His singular, individual, precious determination has become, let’s say it sincerely, rare among the enemies of all forms of power. His determination, his courage, his decision, his implacable and tragic gesture are at the centre of an anarchism that is trying to reaffirm itself in spite of everything, obstinately refusing to succumb to calls to renounce dreaming and the struggle”.
Click to download Avis de tempêtes – Issue 11

December 4, 2018
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Comments Off on Greece: Poster from Komotini for Alexandros Grigoropoulos and Zak Kostopoulos

Greece: Poster from Komotini for Alexandros Grigoropoulos and Zak Kostopoulos

Democracy armed the hand of the cop, 16 year old dead. December 6th
2008-2018 ten years from the murder of ALexandros Grigoropoulos the
brutality continues, “respectable citizens” together with cops killed
the different, Zak Kostopoulos, it was not vigilantism it was social
Anarchist steki utopia a.d.

December 3, 2018
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Comments Off on Hamilton, Ontario: Still Not Sorry on the Plea Deal in the Locke St. Case

Hamilton, Ontario: Still Not Sorry on the Plea Deal in the Locke St. Case

Anonymous Submission to North Shore Counter-Info
The What and Why
On November 29th 2018, those facing charges in relation to the so-called “Locke St. Riot” accepted a non-cooperating plea deal. The deal does not mention or otherwise implicate anyone outside of the group of people pleading guilty, and was agreed upon collectively by everyone involved. From the beginning, it was a priority for us to engage with this situation in a manner that went against the tendency for the legal system to individualize and to pit people against each other. Our focus was collective and outward-oriented – we took into consideration the wellbeing of the entire group while negotiating this resolution, as well as the wellbeing of the struggles of which we are a part. This was never about any one individual, nor was it just about those being criminalized.
In terms of the specifics of our plea, one person was sentenced to a year in prison, of which they expect to serve 5-6 months, and is now in jail; another will be sentenced to a shorter jail term in the new year; and one person received a 9 month conditional sentence entailing house arrest and a curfew.

On the ever so slight brighter side of the plea deal, two people were sentenced to a conditional discharge and 3 others had their charges withdrawn in exchange for signing a peace bond. This means 5 out of the 8 us will come out of this without a permanent criminal record. Everyone’s sentence also include a period of probation and some amount of community service.

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